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Clipper Tea packaging: Inspiring Stuff…

Written by ajdf on October 11th, 2011 8:37 pm 11 Comments
Posted in General Design, Personal Observations

Clipper Tea Packaging Samples - Photos by AJDFSometimes a magic thing happens… there is a healthy fusion between design, product, art and consumerism. Clipper’s products tick those boxes for me. I am absolutely inspired by their packaging design and the way it makes me feel pleased to buy their products. I have admired Clipper packaging since I first noticed them in the early 2000′s whilst at university studying graphic design. They inspired me to focus my dissertation on how design had influenced the spread of the Fairtrade movement.

There has been an ever growing trend towards hand-rendered ( or hand-rendered style! ) typography and design in recent years… I think it reflects a backlash against the over computerisation of life in general and perhaps people relate to things which look like they were created by hand without the tools that give un-natural perfection. That’s my theory.

These Clipper packages are a fine example of hand-drawn style illustrations mixed with sophisticated colour combinations and a friendly typographic mix that brings a subconscious smile to the eye of the buyer. And it’s true, their teas are great… especially the Earl Grey which beats the Queen-endorsed Twinings by miles in my humble opinion.

Clipper Organic Indian Chai Packaging Sample - photo by me

Clipper Camomile Tea

Clipper Sleep Tea

The back of the package is inviting to read with sweet details...

The back of the package is inviting to read with sweet details…

Clipper Tea Pack from the side

Clipper Tea packet from the back view

The company behind their branding are London based design and marketing firm Big Fish. From reading their web site I gather they “only choose to work on projects that we have a personal belief in and that we would be consumers of ourselves“. That is a very noble claim and one which has clearly worked in their favour.

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